Batman Begins

Director: Christopher Nolan

Actors: Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Cillian Murphy, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, Rutger Hauer,
Michael Caine

USA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense action violence, disturbing images and some thematic elements.

Genre: action, adventure

Subjects: comic books, vigilante justice, superhero

Franchise: Batman Films

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Entire Film: 18


Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale): 4


Tragedy - 2 (parents)
This House - 1 (Joe Chill)
Monastery Mayhem - 11 (Ra al Ghul, 10 ninjas)
Do I Look Like a Cop - 1 (Rachel's boss Finch)
Catching the Train - 2 (ninjas)
Not Kill But Not Save – 1 (Ducard)

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