Blade Runner
Director's Cut

Director: Ridley Scott

Actors: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young

MPAA Rating: R

Genre: sci/fi, adventure, drama

Subjects: cyber punk, adap: books/stories

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Entire Film: 5 (on screen)
Miscellaneous: 25 more off screen
      or mentioned
including JF Sebastian


Deckard: 2
Roy Batty: 1
Rachael: 1

Zhora gets capped - 1
Leon gets capped - 1
Tyrell and JF Sebastian (off screen) get it - 2
Pris gets capped 1
Roy Batty dies- 1

Bryant mentions 23 people
slaughtered by replicants & one replicant
frying on an electric field at Tyrell.

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