Blade: Trinity
Extended Edition

Director: David S. Goyer

Actors: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds

MPAA Rating: R for strong pervasive violence and language, and some sexual content.

Genre: action, fantasy

Subjects: comic books, superhero

Franchise: Blade Films

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Entire Film: 140


Blade (Snipes) Count: 30
Abigail (Biel) Count: 15
Drake (Purcell) Count: 11
Hannibal (Reynolds) Count: 4

Blade Breakdown:
Track 2. Vampires-8
Track 12. Human-1
Track 14. Human-1
Track 18. Vampires-19

Entire Film Breakdown:
     scene by scene plus extras see here

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