Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Actors: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, Vivica A. Fox, Julie Dreyfus, Chiaki Kuriyama, David Carradine

MPAA: R for violence, language and brief drug use.

Genre: action, crime

Subjects: revenge, female action

Franchises: Kill Bill Films

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Entire Film: 95 kills (87 live action, 8 animated)


The Bride (Thurman): 76
O-Ren Ishi (Liu): 5
GoGo Yubari (
Kuriyama): 1

Anime Flashback-8
GoGo Flashback-1
Yakuza Meeting-1
Club Showdown-74

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Notes: *-I watched the Club Showdown 4 times, doing counts 4 times in different styles, and most of it in slo-mo. First i counted all the bodily hits and added them up, then and the final scene where the bride tells them to leave i counted all the leaving and writhing survivors, and subtracted that number from the initial count. Then for the sake of it, i watched the scene 2 more times and counted just the fatal hits, everything added up pretty well. My 4th count was 1 kill low.