Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Actors: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes, Willem Dafoe

MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, and for language.

Genre: action, crime

Subjects: revenge

Franchises: El Mariachi films

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Entire Film: 99

Character Kills

El Mariachi (Banderas): 39
Carolina (Hayek): 5
Sands (Depp): 7
Billy Chambers (Rourke): 1
Lorenzo (Enrique Iglesias): 3
Fideo (Marco Leonardi): 12
Gen Marquez (Gerardo Vigil): 3
Ajedrez (Eva Mendes): 1
Jorge FBI (Rubén Blades):1
Barillo (Dafoe): 1

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