Patriot Games

Director: Phillip Noyce

Actors: Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, Patrick Bergin, Sean Bean, Thora Birch, James Fox, Richard Harris, Samuel L. Jackson,  James Earl Jones

USA Rating: R

Genre: action, crime

Subjects: adapt: books, political

Franchises: Jack Ryan films

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Entire Film:  35
Misc (not counted): Car blown up during Royal Rumble with at least 2 inside, 2 offscreen by O'Donnel


Jack Ryan (Ford): 3
Sean Miller (Bean): 7
Kevin O'Donnel (Bergin): 2
Robbie (Jackson): 3
Annette (Polly Walker): 1

Royal Rumble: 4
Holding My Temper: 1 (2 offscreen)
Wearing a Rubber: 1
Sean's Breakout: 4
Attempted Hit on Ryan: 1
Sorry, Dennis: 1
SAS Satellite Attack: 14
Party at Ryan's: 7
Sean's Betrayal: 2
Sean: 1