Shoot 'Em Up

Director: Michael Davis

Actors: Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti, Monica Bellucci

USA Rating: R for pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language.

Genre: action, crime

Subjects: dark comedy

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Entire Film:  151
Misc: Smith’s wife and son mentioned as killed, gangsters knocked out but not killed by Smith


Smith (Owen): 141
Lone Man (Greg Byrk):  7
Hertz (Giamatti):  3

Main Titles: 12
Round and Round: 1
Mother Figure: 4
Homebase Invasion: 49
Heavy Metal Clinic:  8
Bedtime:  8
A Visit to Hammerson: 22
Asphalt Showdown: 10
The Unfriendly Skies: 22
Considerable Agony: 5
Epilogue: 1
End Credits: 9