Smokin' Aces

Director: Joe Carnahan

Actors: Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Alicia Keys, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds

MPAA Rating: R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some nudity and drug use.

Genre: action, crime

Subjects: hitmen, mob

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Entire Film:  47


Sir Ivy (Common): 4
Georgia (Keyes): 1
Richard Messner ( Reynolds): 2
Hollis Elmore (Martin Henderson): 1
Lazlo Soot (Tommy Flanagan): 10
Sharice (Taraji P. Henson): 4
Tremor Brothers (Kevin Durand, Maury Sterling): 19
Pasquale Acosta (Nestor Carbonell): 4
Sparazza (Joseph Ruskin): 1

Vegas Street-2
Mob Flashback-1
Pasquale Flashback-2
Tremor Bros Flashback-11
Lazlo Flashback-5
Parking lot-2
Service Basement-3
Security Room-1
Hotel Room-1
Penthouse Lobby-8
Elevator Lobby-5
Heart Exam-1
Cheap Hotel-1
Rooftop Lot-1