Director: Richard Donner

Actors: Gerard Butler, Paul Walker, Billy Connolly, Marton Csokas

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense battle sequences and brief language.

Genre: adventure, sci/fi

Subjects: adapt: books,
treasure hunting

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Entire Film:  65


Merik's (Butler) kills: 4
Chris' (Walker) kills: 1
Decker's (Csokas) kills: 1

Entire Film Breakdown:
Time travelling: 1
Team members: 2
Soldiers: 5
Francois: 1
Soldier: 1
Soldiers: 4
Gordon: 1
English in Fort: 3
French by night arrows: 23
Explosion: 3
French: 10
English: 9
De Kere:  1
Doniger: 1

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